My Favorite Icebreakers

My Favorite Icebreakers
Michael Coelho

Studies suggest that the span of attention for most of us varies anywhere from ten seconds (me) to three or four minutes! Icebreakers are a fun way to maintain the audience’s attention as well as support the objectives of your presentation. Below are my favorite ‘icebreaker videos’ that I show during my sales training workshops, to help introduce the various steps of the selling process. They never fail to engage and help wake a sleepy audience! The videos can all be found on my favorite website – You Tube.

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Massive Failure / National Anthem

Great clip to emphasize the importance of preparation and pre-call planning! A great follow-up exercise is to ask the class to share an example of a negative experience they had due to lack of pre-call planning / call preparation.



Jim Carrey / THE CABLE GUY “Basketball Scene” .

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression” (author unknown). Carrey makes a huge and hilarious first impression with his newfound basketball buddies. What first impressions are your students making when they encounter their clients for the first time?

Building Rapport


Chris Farley, David Spade / TOMMY BOY “Restaurant Scene”

‘Tommy Boy’ is the Godfather of sales movies. There are at least a dozen clips from this movie you can use to juxtapose the various stages of a sales call. This scene shows a breakthrough moment for the dimwitted salesman (Farley) as he is finally able to connect with someone and persuade them to take action.


Green Eggs & Ham by Dr. Seuss (Book)

As of 2005, according to ‘Publisher’s Weekly’, this was the fourth best-selling English-language children’s book of all time, so it should bring back some fond memories for many of your participants. Have students each read a page and pass it around the room – it always ends up with a good laugh and class engagement.

Overcoming Objections


Giovanni Ribisi / The Boiler Room
“Telemarketing Scene”

Objections are a great opportunity to connect with your customer – as long as you are prepared for them! A great clip that demonstrates poor objection handling and a lack of confidence.

The Close


Chris Farley, David Spade / TOMMY BOY
“We don’t take no for an answer scene”

Voted # 1 best sales clip of all time by scores of my sales buddies! This hilarious clip shows just how bad things can go when trying to close a sale.



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